The Leading Providers of Lighting scaffolding Sydney

Flick Switch offers a diverse range of aluminium and other heavy scaffold and scaffolding services throughout Australia. Our flexible team is adept at their job and caters to builders, schools, performances and any other event, major or small, that demands high-quality lighting scaffolding Sydney, South Coast and Central Coast. We also specialise in tube and fitting, and steel scaffolding, which allows us to provide for nearly any event or site requirement. Our set of services start with an onsite consultation to inspecting the setup upon completion and ends only after your event is a success. We have proficient teams that consider your every need and address them with skill and commitment.

Scaffolding Services for Every Industry

The company has extensive experience in all sectors related to scaffolding and we are associated with big names and high-end projects across the city. At Flick Switch, we are constantly delivering to high profile organisations, theatrical productions, concerts, government departments, top construction companies, remarkable developers, schools and churches, and large shows. A praiseworthy track record, years of experience, and an increasing list of returning customers serve as proof of our dedication and efforts to help make every event grand.

We Make it Look Easy

Our scaffolding services make the rest of the job seamless for the designers. We provide you with abundant space and easy access to efficiently move the hand-automated fixtures or LED lights. Whether it is a stadium, arena, trade event, concert, or theatre, we ensure everything is in place in time to facilitate efficiency. You can avail of our equipment and services whenever you are staging a show.

In the past decade, we have become one of the leading lighting scaffolding Sydney service providers. With our hiring being affordable and equipment of the latest generation, expect nothing less than safe and strictly professional work. Ensuring that every contractor and staff, as well as the audiences, are working in a safe environment is a high priority for us, and we closely adhere to the safety guidelines. By hiring us, you can be sure of risk-free projects. We comply with all OH&S laws to safely set up the scaffolding for you, and our technicians can answer all your queries and guide you throughout the process. Customised solutions designed to suit your specific requirements, and our quick work style makes sure you think of us when you plan your next event.

Your Favourite lighting Scaffolding Provider

Our scaffoldings permit you the desired height from which you want to offer engaging displays and spectacular lighting to the audience for a breath-taking experience. We provide a variety of scaffolding for your show. Based on your requirements, we can recommend what can make your event better by recommending the best lighting scaffolding Sydney. From decorative reasons to heavy-duty, we got all the right equipment to offer.

Apart from fulfilling your scaffolding requirements, which include planning, installing and dismantling, Flick Switch also has different kinds of digital and LED lighting technology to complete the setup. If you are seeking the highest in quality, we are only a call away.