The Latest Entertainment Rigging Solutions

You have an anticipating audience to answer to and you must heed their expectations. For that, you need high-quality equipment and a team of experts to deliver a remarkable show. Whether it is a rock concert, catwalk, corporate event, studio, or permanent installation for a venue, Flick Switch offers affordable and praiseworthy entertainment rigging solutions. We are an industry leader in organising, designing, and establishing your dream project. Our arsenal of well-tested equipment and highly trained specialists are a suitable match for any regular or unique event. From conventional techniques to complex methods, we function with a deep focus on quality and safety to overcome the most tasking challenges.

Our company is popular for its trusted offerings. With the industry’s rapid evolution and quickly advancing technology, the safety standards are constantly changing, which is a priority we follow with commitment. We understand the continuous transformation, and so we closely adhere to every safety guideline issued by ETCP, OSHA, and ANSI. All our rigging work promises high quality and ensures that you can keep your rigging facility in place for your next big event.

Stage Your Event with Expert Rigging Solutions

Our professionals are fully acknowledged in determining the capacity and range of rigging systems you will need at your chosen location. These factors significantly affect every element related to staging, lighting, vision, and audio, so utmost care is a must. With years of experience in the job, each team member is proficient at deciphering the perfect range and capacity, lighting, audio, and visual solutions for the highest output. We investigate every piece of equipment placed on the roof to offer a clear view of the stage and a spacious space for the audiences to enjoy comfort and entertainment.

We carefully set up the cables and equipment of our entertainment rigging to give you more space so that you have the option to select convenient seating arrangements based on your event type. Additionally, if you have a special theme or style for your event, we prevent all kinds of technological interferences with the environment.

Secure Entertainment Rigging Installation by Industry Experts

We strongly emphasise your safety, the safety of our riggers, as well as the equipment. The state inspectorates consider rigging as a dangerous job and suggest hiring eligible, trained, and experienced people with certification. Our teams comprise qualified personnel, who have been successfully providing rigging services for every event or budget. Our array of equipment and rigging solutions include Box Truss, Tri Truss, Circular Truss, Linton Truss Rings, Snap Hooks, Scaff Clamps, Chain Blocks, Spansets, Reutlingers, D-Shackles, Chain Motors, and much more.

At Flick Switch, we help you plan all the necessities for the desired outcome. We assure you of the best professional entertainment rigging solutions. We have both skilled staff and high-quality equipment, boosted by a lot of experience in the rigging industry. If you want to leave a memorable impact on your audiences and guarantee their safety, you know who to call. Get in touch with us today.