Truss & Rigging Systems

Flick Switch specializes in truss and rigging system hire and implementation.  Quality rigging solutions contribute to a production or an event in many ways and can often be the difference between the production values being ok and the event being great. With many years of experience in the design, planning and implementation of professional rigging systems including film and exhibition rigging, Flick Switch can provide you with best solutions for your job, so you are getting the most appropriate equipment at the best price.

Safety is the highest priority at Flick Switch which means you can have peace of mind that our truss and rigging systems are safe and well-tested and fully compliant with industry standards. This is an ongoing search for excellence as the methods in our industry are always changing. As many aspects of rigging are considered to be high risk, we take a holistic approach to the jobs we do by being partners with our clients in the concept and design stage. Overseeing in detail the installation, running and dismantling of the job. Ensuring it is performed by licensed, insured and experienced industry professionals like the team at Flick Switch. We always focus on safety no matter whether you are looking for exhibition or film rigging systems.

Rigging and Truss Solutions We Offer

We like to understand your requirements in detail and provide a cost-effective solution no matter your event or budget. Some of our rigging and truss solutions include:

  • Flat, Tri and Box Truss
  • Beam clamps
  • Chain motors
  • Polyester Slings
  • Shackles
  • Chain blocks
  • Ballast Blocks
  • GAC slings
  • Scaff clamps
  • Scaff tube
  • Ground support feet
  • Heavy duty winch stands

If you have any questions about the right truss and rigging system for your job, please contact us today.

Rope Splicing

Yes! We splice ropes for a variety of different applications. From Film and television stunts to marine applications, aerial performance to aviation. Contact us with your requirements.

Marquee Rigging Systems

Event Marquees or Hoeckers are made up of large aluminum truss frames. These truss frames will have a specific load capacity based on length and the design of the frame. We have an inventory of specifically designed rigging equipment allowing us to safely fix rigging equipment, lighting truss, audio systems, staging elements and dressings, etc. to the existing marquee frame.

By utilizing this specialty equipment, we can maximize floor space, best use of the ceiling space, and provide rigging points almost anywhere within the marquee. We are one of very few companies in Australia to provide this solution so give us a call or contact us to discuss your Marquee rigging needs.

Exhibition Rigging Systems

If you are building an exhibition stand and need a rigging system, you have come to the right place. Our team has worked with some of the premier venues across the country. We help our clients manage suspended signage to get optimal benefits by providing top-notch exhibition rigging systems. Our team of efficient riggers works with the exhibitors and organisers to ensure the success of an exhibition.

Film Rigging Systems

Flicks Witch provides the film and event industry with cost-effective film rigging systems. We have worked with various film production houses. The best thing is we provide rigging solutions of multiple ranges. Even if you have a tight budget, you will get a budget-friendly solution a Flicks Witch.

Design and Consultation

At Flick Switch we can help you bring your concepts and ideas to reality. By being involved from the beginning with site visits, the latest in computer aided design and up to date implementation of the highest global industry standards, we can ensure the job starts in the right place so that it finishes with the best result.

This is where the creatives, engineers, production crews, safety officers, transport, and a million others all come together to get an idea off the ground.

Whether it be a permanent installation of an exhibition rigging system or a high rotation hire, we give a high level of attention to the details to promote the success of every project.

Load Testing

A large part of our safety policy is constant assessment, inspection and testing of our equipment.

We can also test and certify your equipment.

From providing exhibition and film rigging equipment to aerial performance and aviation lifting, we are always ready to serve you. It takes a trained eye, experience, and the appropriate equipment to get this right.

Contact us today with your requirements.

What our clients say

  • Andy Liell
    I have worked with Mal for over 25 years, and have always found him to have a 'can do' attitude. You explain what you want, and Mal just goes away and gets it done with no fuss. He provides quality equipment and people to get the job done within time and budget.
    Andy Liell
  • Sean Peter
    We worked with Flick Switch and Mal on our high school production of “Matilda”. Mal helped us with every stage of our planning and rigging, creating floor plans, hanging plans and of course building and creating a safe environment for our kids to put on their show - including flying them! As I am someone with low technical skills, Mal was patient and friendly at every step of the process, finding solutions to creative and engineering challenges at every step. He is highly recommended.
    Sean Peter

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