Get the Best Studio and Film Lighting Products in Australia

Flick Switch is a leading provider of professional photography lighting to various industries including entertainment, broadcast, and photography. With extensive experience in this sector, we provide only premium quality outdoor and studio lighting Australia that offers great value and outstanding performance. If you are an avid photographer looking for the highest-quality lighting equipment, we have it. Whether you need Lighting Booms, Lighting Stands, Arms & Brackets, Adapters, or Clamps, our arsenal possesses everything that will make your work feel less like work and rather fun.

We provide expertly manufactured items that follow the standard of safety, quality, and reliability. We serve you with enthusiasm and hold our values with the highest priority. Clients can avail of our products for photo studios, TV, film, theatres, exhibitions, trade fairs, and nearly any major event that requires lighting equipment. The television and film lighting Australia scene has rapidly advanced in the past decade, and we have been associated with several renowned production houses and supplied for the country’s biggest names.

A Vast Collection of Film and Studio Lighting Australia

Our showcase is a wide variety of products that address all your lighting needs. Looking for filters? We have tons of them in different measurements – Neutral Density 8 Filter with 58mm diameter, Essential Circular Polarising Filter with 77mm diameter, Professional Protection Filter with 67mm diameter, Advanced UV Filter with 58mm diameter, Neutral Density 64 Filter with 62mm diameter and many more. Need easy and effortless lighting tools? Check our selection of Still Life Table without cover. You will find both the average and mini sizes. Wind-Up Stands, Articulate Arms with Camera Attachment, Extension Tubes, Umbrella Brackets, Spring Clamps, Lighting Studs, Operating Poles, Sandbags, Multi Clips, Tube Connectors, Background Holders, Ceiling Brackets, Filter Holders, and Wheel Set with brakes are a few of all the items in our assortment.

Expert Guidance and Support for Film Lighting Australia

With our continuous innovation and experience, we deliver friendly and objective client support based on your objective. Any product you are not sure about, we will help you compare and choose the one that meets your needs. Flick Switch evolved its products and services related to film and studio lighting Australia with the evolution of the industry and have become closely acquainted with all the different kinds of products available worldwide. We are your one-stop resource for all your requirements. Having spent well over a decade, we understand your creative vision when it comes to lighting. The company is a creative combination of remarkable industry experts and state-of-the-art technology that encourages us to offer you both quality and reliability.

Our regular investments in the best tools and ability to easily acquire the latest technologies and film lighting Australia allows us to keep providing you with top quality products and services with sincere professionalism. Our offerings are trusted by numerous noteworthy studios and production houses involved in the industry. By availing of our services, you can expect precision and dedication, blended with a wide range of accessories.